Toddler Child Care (15 Months-3 Years)

Toddler Child Care (15 Months-3 Years)

Early Years Child Care

Our centre provides a stimulating and fun environment to enhance your child’s learning in their early years. Learning in fact starts long before school, with the first five years of a child’s life being crucial to laying the foundations for their ability to learn throughout their later years. We have specifically designed our Early Experiences program to deliver real-life learning experiences for your child. As a toddler, children are opening up to new challenges as their communication skills expand and they learn to concentrate, experiment and play. Our educators support this magical phase through a program of play-based learning activities to help them explore their own interests and strengths.

Australia’s Early Years Learning Framework, Belonging, Being and Becoming, is at the heart of our approach to early years education. The framework’s emphasis is on play-based learning. This includes things like singing to help your child learn about language; drawing with crayons to help them express their feelings and encourage writing; playing with shapes and patterns to develop their problem-solving skills; and group activities to build their social skills.

At our centre, you will find plenty of spaces that inspire your child’s creativity and imagination, so important for building social skills and self-confidence. Our toys, play equipment and resources are the types that would typically be found in the home, to help your child feel comfortable.

Our special features:

  • Services in Italian and English.
  • Programs shaped around the Early Years Learning Framework and the Reggio Emelia developmental framework, which incorporates the Italian language on a daily basis through song and verbal communication.
  • Drawing table, dramatic corner, home corner and block corner for your child to experiment with art, dress-ups, building blocks and role-playing different occupations.
  • Musical activities and outdoor activities to round out our sophisticated curriculum.
  • Natural, shaded outdoor play area with bikes, balls, climbing equipment and sandpits for your child to experiment and build their fine and gross motor skills.
  • Mud kitchen for messy play to stimulate the senses.
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